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Should I Buy or Lease?

Wondering if you should buy or lease your next vehicle? Explore the benefits of leasing vs. buying a car with Nyle Maxwell GMC below, and you’ll find out not which option is best, period, but which one is right for your unique needs. The bottom line is this: there are benefits of both buying and leasing. Let’s take a look at them all so you know the individualized answer to the question “should I buy or lease?”. Looking for more auto financing information? Check out our Financing FAQs page



Benefits of Buying Your Next Car

When it comes to buying a vehicle in Cedar Park or Austin, the main benefits come down to owning the vehicle outright eventually and having more freedoms. Here’s why we say that:

  • Say “Bye” to Mileage Restrictions: If you’re used to leasing, then you’re used to having annual mileage restrictions imposed on you. But when you buy a car, there are no such mileage restrictions.
  • Pride of Personal Ownership: When you buy a car, it’s yours (once the payments are complete, of course). This instills a sense of pride in many Pflugerville car shoppers but also allows for vehicle customization, something leasing contracts usually prohibit.
  • Customization: Whether you’re looking to make a statement with your car exterior or you’d prefer to make other changes like install a new sound system or performance upgrades, you can do all of these things, and more, when you buy your next car. 
  • Time to Sell? No Problem: You’re free to sell your vehicle anytime you want if you buy it, unlike when you lease it.
  • Lower Overall Cost: It’s no secret: leasing is often monumentally cheaper on a monthly basis than buying is. But have you thought about the total cost of continually leasing vs. buying? It turns out, if you keep your car longer, past the point of having no payments, buying turns out to be much cheaper than leasing. 

Benefits of Leasing Your Next Car 

  • Lower Monthly Payments & Down Payment: We’ve already mentioned that leasing is far & away cheaper than buying on a monthly basis. But did you know that it also often requires less hefty down payments? 
  • Less Sales Tax: Most states drastically lower sales tax for car leases compared to similar car purchases. 
  • Seamless Trade-In: While trading in a purchased car is simple enough sometimes and it also can help you pay your down payment for a new vehicle, it’s still needlessly more complex than trading in a leased vehicle, which is why many Round Rock car shoppers choose to lease vs. buy. 
  • Warranty Coverage Window: Looking for an easy car maintenance experience? Most new vehicle limited warranties outlast most leases, meaning you’ll almost always be covered for vehicle maintenance & repairs
  • Drive a Newer Vehicle All the Time: Leasing lets you stay in vehicles that are usually no more than 3 years of age, ensuring you’re always at the cutting-edge of automotive innovation, wherever your travels take you.

Explore Leasing vs. Buying Further with Nyle Maxwell GMC!

No matter if you decide that leasing or buying is better for your particular purposes, we encourage you to reach out to us for more financing and car buying tips. We can’t wait to match you with the perfect finance deal, regardless of which financing option is better suited to your budget and preferences. 

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